Lew Andrews

Taking God Back to Work

     As Americans return to work under state variations of President Trump’s three-phase reopening plan, it will certainly be with a heightened sense of social responsibility. For many it will be enough to wear a mask and keep a healthy distance, but others will undoubtedly be seeking a more spiritual relationship with both their customers …

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Finding God in Space

The prospect of colonizing Mars used to be no more than a distant fantasy, but today it seems tantalizingly real. NASA remains committed to building a deep-space passenger capsule called the Orion. Meantime, private companies like Blue Origin and SpaceX are bringing excitement to the field. Elon Musk hopes to put 200 colonists on the …

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Another Spiritual Release from COVID-19 Fear

     One more helpful suggestion from America’s early college presidents for dealing with coronavirus fear is not to let our increasing frustrations boil over into anger.  Waiting in long lines to buy self-quarantine supplies—trying to manage tighter budgets in the wake of job uncertainty—discovering friends or family members have foolishly ignored infection precautions—these and …

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