3 Spiritual Thoughts for a Contentious Election and Continuing Pandemic

“God draweth straight lines but we call them crooked.” — Horace Mann, pioneering educator and president of Antioch College (1853–1859)

“One does not live for emergencies, but the emergency discloses what manner of life we have lived.” — Caroline Hazard, president of Wellesley College (1899–1910)

Let things flow or ebb, the chain will hold to the anchor. The promises will not ravel. Somber hours, like some birds of dingiest plumage, will burst into the brightest carol. The harvests need the night as well as the day to ripen them. It takes the whole quartet of the seasons to utter the fugal year. — Melancthon Woolsey Stryker, president of Hamilton College (1892–1917)


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